Races of Neos

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Races of Neos

Post by Creya on Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:24 am

So since Neos is a fantasy world, it is only natural that it should have some intriguing races for our characters to encounter or be.

Here are what I have so far:

Humans (this goes without saying really)

Viashino (Lizard-folk)

Palicoes (imagine if catfolk and halflings combined)

Physiology of each race:

Humans- Standing between 5' and 6' on average they are typical for their kind. All skin tones and variations are present and colorful hair is common (blue, green, pink, red among the normal blonde, brunette and brown).

Elves- Slightly shorter than humans, elves have a lighter frame and more angular features. Their arms and legs are proportionally longer than a human and they have pointed ears. Their life cycle is much longer than that of a human, but in Neos elves only live to be about 300 years as opposed to usual 1000yrs of typical fantasy worlds.

Vedalken- Tall, thin and blue skinned. Vedalken trace their evolutionary origins to ancient amphibians. They stand anywhere from 5'10" to 6'8" and have slender frames. They grow no hair on their blue skin, meaning that even the females are bald. Their skin is smooth and slick and can vary from a dark almost violet to powder blue. Vedalken ears do not protrude out from their heads like elves or humans and are simply small holes. Their noses are flat appearing more as two nostrils rather than a typical nose.

Viashino- Sometimes called Lizard-folk, Viashino are more akin to dragons than actual lizards. They have horned heads like their dragon ancestors and have scaly skin. Viashino come in all manner of chromatic coloration including green, red, brown, blue, white, black and everything in between. Viashino have broad tall bodies and stand hunched over much of the time. Hunched over Viashino stand about the same height as Vedalken, but when fully erect can be anywhere from 7' to 9' tall.

Palico- short in stature, these humanoids share ancestry with felines. Palicoes are entirely covered in fur and their fur patterns and colors range as widely as the common house cat. Palicoes stand about 2' to 3' on average. Palicoes are capable of running on all fours, but are primarily bipedal.


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