A map, factions, nations and cultures

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A map, factions, nations and cultures

Post by Creya on Wed Dec 02, 2015 10:05 am

I plan to create a map. The method of choice is very unorthodox. I am going to play a game of Civ 5. It will randomly generate a map for me and place civs around the world automatically. I will select a number of Civs to represent different factions around the world and actually use the politics from the game to represent relations between factions/kingdoms. Also we can edit things. Some civs get really aggressive towards their neighbors.

what I was wondering from you guys was what factions/kingdoms should we include? here are some of my suggestions:

A human empire. Compare it to the empires of the 19th century. it would be focused on expanding its borders and securing trade goods. This empire would be mostly focused on profit at the expense of nations and civs it has conquered. It would be vast and very successful. A lot of oppression would come from them towards other cultures.

Neutral Vedalkens. The Vedalkens I feel would be more neutral politically since they are very mild tempered. They would be more interested in academics and industrialization. Vedalken would be scholars, engineers, mages and artisans rather than actual rulers. They would be heavily involved in guilds and organizations that are geared towards more practical things. With all that said they would not have a nation of their own and would side with a nation that aligns with their goals.

Palicoes would fit best if they were once slaves. They have melded into society since those days and have become skilled workers. Palicoes within industrialized cultures would be cooks, farmers, smiths, construction workers, factory workers and other skilled professions. Palicoes outside industrialized society would be tribal in nature and resemble an island culture like that of Hawaii or the Philippines. These Palicoes would not be technologically advanced and would be very shamanistic.

There should be a religiously driven human nation that is similar to some classical catholic societies like that of 18th century Spain. They would be adamant on spreading their monotheistic religion and would have paladins and clerics of their faith preaching and traveling the land. They would be very aggressive towards culture who are not accepting of their faith.

Elves will be focused under a single king and would have a strong nobility. Their nation would have a strict class system where the rich tower over the poor. The nobility (which are entirely elves) would be heavily involved in leisure and luxury while the poorer classes (which would be made up of few elves, several recently freed palicoes and other races) are force to work to survive. Their military ranks would be strong, well trained and well payed in order to keep the lower classes in check. To keep their thirst for luxury it would only be natural for the major elf nation to have a very large stock of natural resources.

The Viashino of the world would be very spiritual and resemble the cultures of Native Americans. They would be ones to be taken advantage of by humans and elves since they are naturally tolerant of other cultures. Mercenary and Viashino workers in industrialized society would be rare, but highly valued for their natural size, constitution and strength.

Feel free to pitch other ideas my way.


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