Samir Fareryniel

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Samir Fareryniel

Post by Sammi on Sat Dec 12, 2015 1:23 pm

Name: Samir 'Sammi' Fareryniel  
Race: Half Elf                                              
Age: 20                                                                      
Gender: Female                                                                    
Weight: 130                                                              
Hair Color: Silvery white      
Eye Color: Unnatural Golden cat like eyes                                  
Height: 5'4  
Class: Rouge                                                        

Abilities/skill: Sammi is a quick,agile, and stealthy woman. This allows her to be able to deliver crippling hits and deadly blows, such as her crushing blows from her spiked club. Now her stealth is still in development but she is learning quickly. Being stealthy allows this little lady to sneak up on monsters, humans and nonhumans. She can then quickly and silently deliver a killing hit, or knock them out, depending who they are.

Equipment: Sammi carried around two swiss swords, one is made out of a strong and sturdy steel, the other a beautiful polish silver. The steel sword is used for fighting and killing human and nonhuman species unlike the well took care of silver sword, which is used to slaughter monsters. This girl also carried a small pouch which contains herbs and crafted smoke bombs. On her left hip this girl carries a small club, oh don't just think it's a bat like stick, it's a bat like stick with 1 inch spikes on it. On her right hip, she carries a cross bow, not a large one that alot of other witchers carry but a smaller version which is lighter and quicker for shooting bolts.

Personality: Sammi is an intelligent and clever girl. She loves animals, plants... well life itself. Shes a very sweet girl that has hands like silk... when she's not out killing bloodthirsty monsters.  Sammi is a neat and collected lady who is quiet and keeps to herself due to the betrayal of her School. Sammi enjoys riding on Air ships, horseback riding, walking on the beach and even sitting alone by the river. She likes the quiet...

History: Samir grew up in a small farm, horses, cows, sheep, and goats. Pretty much a normal farming girl. Happy all the time. Living with her elven mother in a small cottage next to a small stream, listening to the sir ships fly above the small house. Large oak right next to the stream... Life was good.  Samir loved her little life but she craved something bigger. A huge dream, especially for a half elf. Sammi wanted to be a Witcher! Witchers - at the time- where the greatest monster hunters around.... of course that was a dream for a average seven year old.

When Sammi came to the age of 12, the witcher schools where picking people to become a witcher, of course Sammi didn't want to become one, since her mother had broken her leg and need her help... but that didn't stop the schools from picking the young girl and forcing her to the schools to where she became a witcher, and not the mention on of the best, well you kinda have to if you want to stay alive.  Years past, and Sammi continued to be one of the best witchers, giving the schools a good name until one day, the schools that help cleanse the world, was consumed by darkness, teaching the witchers that the world needed to be cleansed of the evil... all of the witchers, one by one started to turn and go rouge... all except Samir Fareryniel...the young girl fled the schools. Sammi wasn't taught to kill the innocent humans and nonhumans, only monsters. She would be killing just to kill and by fleeing the schools... she became a target for the witchers... now went from being a heroine to a hated being.


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